Windows 8.1: решающий выход

Windows 8.1: решающий выход

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Трудно было ждать от Майкрософт, что она пойдет навстречу желаниям масс и внесет в релиз Windows 8.1 что-то принципиально новое, что еще не засветилось в вышедшей ранее Windows

8.1 Review. Но тем не менее изменения есть.

Windows 8.1: решающий выход

Появилась долгожданная кнопка Пуск в режиме Desktop. Режим Modern в стартовом меню остался примерно таким же. В нижней части этого режима появилась стрелочка, щелкнув на которую попадаешь в список всех приложений. Кроме того «Чудо-кнопки» правой панели теперь смещены вверх или вниз в зависимости от того, с какого угла пользователь наводит мышью на нее. 

Совершенно непонятна любовь корпорации к поисковику Bing. Понятно, что в его развитие были вложены деньги, но если бы разработчики знали, что пользователь первым делом устанавливает страницей по умолчанию Яндекс или Google, они бы точно заплакали.

Такая же судьба, по-видимому, будет всегда преследовать и выскочек вроде российского поисковика Спутник, который еще (по слухам) даже не приступал к индексированию ресурсов вне Рунета.

SkyDrive теперь надежно вписали в систему, и разработчики желают, чтобы пользователи хранили свои файлы по умолчанию на серверах в Интернете.

10 Little-Known Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1 — Part 1

The top 10 best tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Surface or Windows 8.1

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These are our top 10 Tips and Tricks for Windows 8.1

For our loyal and expert Windows readers, this list of tips and tricks may seem familiar. The goal of this post is to bring the best Windows and Surface usability tips into one place. We hope this helps many of you to get the most out of your Surface.

For the new readers, you can find even more tips, tricks, and How-to articles in in our Tips, Tricks, Hacks and Apps Section which is linked to here, and later on in the post. Enjoy this post or the embedded videos.

1# Change the number of Live Tiles on your Start Screen

Depending on your Screen Size, you may see anywhere between 3 and 6 Live Tile Rows on your Start Screen. I'm using the Surface 2 right now, and as you can see, I have 3 rows vertically.

You can change this and get up to three more rows than you have now.

To get one extra row, Swipe in from the right side of the screen, tap settings, and then "Show more tiles".

To see even more tiles, go to your Search charm.

•Type "Display Settings" and choose the first option

•Under "More Options" you should see Change the size of apps, text, and other items on the screen (only applies to displays that can support it)

•In the drop down box beneath this choose "Smaller"


Text will be pretty small after you've done this, but if you have really good eyes, or just like to see as much information as possible at one time, this could be the hidden feature for you!

#2 Enable Rotation Lock

•Access Settings Charm

•Tap Screen

•Tap Rotation Lock Button

This is also where you'd change the brightness of your screen. Instead of and then dragging the slider, just press, hold, and drag. The same goes for system volume.

#3 Turn on Pop-up e-mail notifications

•Access the Settings Charm

•Tap Accounts

•Choose one of your email accounts

•Scroll down and switch "Show email notifications" to "All email"

#4 Always show Address Bar in IE11

If you're not using Windows 8 with Touch, you might prefer the desktop version of Internet Explorer 11 because you can always see your tabs and thus can switch thru them more quickly. There is, however, I more keyboard and mouse friendly version of IE 11 that can be accessed thru the Settings Charm.

•Go to Internet Explorer

•Access Settings Charm

•Tap "Options"

•Tick On option for "Always show address bar and tabs"

#5 Double-Click to Go Full Screen in Metro Apps

Many of our readers and watchers use Windows 8.1 with a mouse and keyboard. It's important to know the easiest and fastest ways to get around the operating system.

The ability to snap two (or more) apps on screen at once is extremely helpful, and it separates Metro from the rest of the tablet world. Normally, if you have two apps open at once, and you want to make one of them full screen, you'd click and drag on the center bar. There's actually a faster, better way to maximize the app you want to be using full screen!

Drag your cursor up to the top of the app that you want to maximize. When you see the cursor change from an arrow to a grabber (hand), double click. That app will go full screen. The great thing about doing it this way, is that repeating this action will re-snap the other app.