Windows. Обновление списка процессов

Windows. Обновление списка процессов

Windows. Обновление списка процессов

При обновлении списка процессов можно использоваться следующими алгоритмами: 1. Стирание всех элементов из List View, а затем добавление элементов, соответствующих обновленному списку процессов. 2. Удаление только тех элементов, которые соответствуют уже завершенным процессам, добавление элементов, соответствующих только вновь созданным процессам.

При использовании первого способа неизбежен эффект «моргания» списка, но данный алгоритм является очень простым. Второй способ достаточно сложен и требует использования какого-либо отображения вида идентификатор процесса -> структура с информацией о процессе, а также хранения указателя на эту структуру для каждого элемента списка. При написании лабораторной работы можно использовать первый способ, т.к. второй доступен только настоящим профессионалам в этом деле. Список процессов должен обновляться с определенной периодичностью, например, каждые 2 секунды. Для этого имеет место использовать таймер. Для создания таймера используется функция SеtTimer. Таймер нужно настроить так, чтобы он посылал в окно сообщения WM_TIMЕR (см. MSDN). В обработчике сообщения WM_TIMЕR происходит обновление списка процессов. Для уничтожения таймера по приходу сообщения WM_DESTROY используется функция KillTimer.

Easy Jailbreak Firmware 3.1.2 iPhone 3G, 3GS and iPod Touch 1g, 2g, and 3g with BlackRa1n

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If you have problems with this jailbreak, view the video in the video responses below the video.


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This video shows you how to jailbreak your iPod Touch and iPhone (all generations). 3g ipod touch is a tethered jailbreak. This jailbreak requires only about one click. Enjoy!
Here is a simple work around for people having problems with Blackra1n and the iPhone 3G:

1. Restore a clean build of 3.1.2

2. Close iTunes

3. Copy Blackra1n.exe to C:\ and run as Administrator (No need to run as admin for XP users)

4. Click "Make It Rain"

5. Wait for the phone to shut down, then instanly press and hold POWER + HOME

6. As soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of POWER but keep holding HOME until the Blackra1n logo appears on the screen.

Download my awesome SMILEY FACE Wallpaper:


ninjafreak209 пишет: when u say turn off for 3g do u mean slide to power off or put on sleep mode

1337onelove пишет: sir, i have a question.. my mom bought me iphone 3gs.. it is possible to jailbreak a at&t iphone here in the philippines ? coz ive been thinking of the bandwith of the iphone quadband.

aimareaimare пишет: GullRa1n Has Been Released And It Can Jailbreak and Unlock any iPhone ios 5.0 and 4.3.5 , it's easy to use and it works , you can find it on Google

AznfoboiXO пишет: hey there if i restore will i have to redownload all the apps i got from installous?

Darya Sharifi пишет: i cant see the image of the guy when i install blackra1n into my ipod pls help me

TheExplodingcake пишет: If you have to restore then all your data will be on your itunes. Also it's spelled lose. Not loose.

weeweeman1000 пишет: a bro my sleep button dont work what can i do?

Chris Wynne пишет: hey ive just done this with my iphone 3g and it work but my signel has gone? help me

76O85 пишет: this doesnt work it when i start up blackra1n it says it cant find ASL.dll
please help

rhcp92 пишет: hey, thank you for this good instruction.
i did exactly what you were showing and almost everything works fine, i've just got one problem with itunes: i can't sync anymore my iphone 3g with itunes, although it appears on itunes that it is actually syncing. the problem is i can't upload new songs or photos to my iphone cause it doesn't sync anymore. i have this problem now for over a month and did quite a few times restore my iphone and then it worked, until i jailbreaked it again.

MetalResistanceCRO пишет: I have problem with Blackra1n, its stop working every time.

Faaiz Malik пишет: the pic of blak rain does not apear and Brain hangs on """Entering recovery""""""

i hav don this by 3.1.3

osvaakaelpingosexi пишет: yes finally a jailbreak for my
ipod touch 2g MC thanks a lot
im rating this 5 stars thank u
a really lot

Rex Ninal пишет: yahhhh….my screen goes black too….

coollyaid пишет: hey man wont this like stop your at&t plan

layzie199 пишет: Blackrain doesn't work

TheBlackScorpio пишет: what if theres no picture after jailbreak on my iPod? theres just black screen… HELP

sk8indragon пишет: @jihad717 open local disc, programs, common files, apple, apple application, then drag your blackra1n file into the apple application folder. after that if should work.

akoyes пишет: does this work for the iphone 3gs mc model bro

flyerfolife пишет: @TheLiquidCheese its easier if you do.i did.

Spidermonkey722 пишет: I looked at the notepad that came with it it said I had a dll error.Any help?

Jake Dombrower пишет: when i tried jailbreakin my 3rd gen ipod touch it woldnt reeboot and after a few hopeless tries of reebooting i got the screen that teels u to plug ur ipod into itunes and I NEEDED TO RESTORE MY IPOD AND LOOSE ALL OF MY APPS AND SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

samtmyuthasre435 пишет: This is old, i unlocked my iphone last version using this website
Just go to google and search it
its easy and it's working on any iPhone version including the last 4.2.1

megaraitei пишет: hey man ,, ur video been of gr8 help … i hv jus one problem … wen i run blackra1n it does everything as per ur video … but in the end the blackra1n icon hangs up while reading …. 'done,wait for reboot' ………ive been waiting for almost 3 hrs now nd nothing has happened … can u help ?

ChuggaChuggaChew пишет: blackra1n doesnt work

blkPrincess78 пишет: So when "Jailbreaking" the iphone/iTouch.. What exactley does it allow you to do that you couldn't do before. I've purchased an iTouch but i'm now thinking of purchasing my 1st iPhone because you get mor gigs of space for the same amount of money.

dbcott77 пишет: Dont risk jailbeak, get an ATT iphone factory unlock at iPhoneUnlockedCheap . com for $14.99 — Excellent reviews — 100% guaranteed for any model iPHone

TheLiquidCheese пишет: i have 3.1.3 how do i go down to 3.1.2

MrJoshyooo пишет: hey there, im all good and done, it says that it has been jailbroken, but when i downloade games and put them in the app section and then click sync, it comes up with "some of the apps were not installed because on or more errors occured" and the error is called, "unkown error occurred (0xE8008001)"? any help?

Daraghkiid пишет: dude thank u soooooooo much ur da best i gonna rate nd sub awesome stuff dude.!!!!!

Heakan040 пишет: @HellzHonour the same thing happend to me. But it has gone 1 month since
u wrote this so i'm wondering if you have solved this problem. Grateful if u answer me

robotchickenaj пишет: will i lost apps music etc??

redsoxgirls617 пишет: um…no. i never jailbroke it \r
i just tryed too and the guy nevr pops up it just has the connect to itunes and \r
i have the iphone 3GS…

rifloba911 пишет: tha's video it's so kool it helped me alot thank you vato latez

TM CHL пишет: cheers mate, works a treat :D

Nicnats2 пишет: @ redoxgirls617. If it now says that after your ipod dies after the jailbreak open up black rain(dont make it rain yet) hold down power and home button at the same time until your screen turns completely black the immediatly start blackra1n. All of your stuff should save and your ipod should now be re- jailbroken

shcoome пишет: What happens so far as warranty and the contract?

readthisover пишет: worked like a charm :D thanks

HellzHonour пишет: @MsKawaiiAngel When that happens your not suppose to restore it. You must then Jailbreak it again to unlock it. This happens to my iPod Touch all the time.

monya14fun пишет: hello, i downgraded my iphone from 3.1.3 to 3.1.2 and now am stuck on the recovery mode so what can i do to get out of it please help me

ozgurtanis1 пишет: download your phone firmware to your pc which you want,go to itune press shift and holt it till you pres restore, and find the firmware you instoled your pc then you have it NOTE do not update to 3.1.3 you can not jailbrake,,,,

infera1 пишет: Thank you,it worked!

Faaiz Malik пишет: smeling good

wa1tz3r пишет: When i downloaded this it downloaded and came as a WinRAR file, i extracted it and none of the files are recognised by apple whats going on hellpppp

sccpa5g пишет: Mine keep on saying that I need ASL.dll please help me

1928anfield пишет: i did it all right but the picture of a person with ipods dosent appear and blackrain isnt on it.please help.thx.1928anfield

XxlethaljxX пишет: after i download black ra1n
is comes up with a error message saying
the application has failed to start because ASL.dlll was not found. reinstalling the application may fix the problem

any idea's????

wiki996 пишет: yea everytime i reboot my ipod it comes up with the connect to itunes shit and i have to restore it :P is there a way to fix this???

slipNslidae86 пишет: i dont get to save, i only get the option to run and then it says error trying to run

uwishuwhereme13 пишет: hey, can someone help.i jailbroke my ipod using blackra1n before,but had some issues and had to reset the entire ipod,and now when i try to re-jailbreak it,it stays on a plain black screen. someone help please?

ilovewhitewomen88 пишет: where did you get that picture on your desktop and whats it called?

alskdjfhg332 пишет: when i do this for my 3gs my screen just goes black after apple logo :/

2LuvRain пишет: so if i want to finish downloading, since i have tmobile does that mean that my plan has to have internet in order to be able to download Cydia and Rock or the other selection to be able to use with any Sym or do i have to do another step???

kennethkeymer619 пишет: u dolt the link is in the description!!

wvwckarate пишет: really stupid question. im downloading the 3.1.2 from a 3rd party site so that i can jailbreak my 3.1.3 (through the loophole) but it downloads a zip file and it doesnt seem to have the firmware file. what the hell am i missing?

dragonxda2 пишет: @XxlethaljxX heres a very simple idea. i get it too and i fixed it :) all u have to do is do the following. got to "c-drive,program files, common files, apple, apple application suppot" then u put the exe file "blackra1n" in that folder. the asl.dll file is in there. then u cna jailbreak! have fun

Giancarlo L пишет: Can anyone help???? I got an iphone 3Gs. I had the 3.1.2 jailbreak. My cousin turned off my phone and know i cant get it to turn on properly. When i finally got it to turn on, i ran the Jailbreak again and once it said "wait for reboot" my iphone keeps turning off on its own. Anyone know whats going wrong with it???????????

brianvidguy пишет: There are ways to fix this. You should probably bring it in or find a self-repair package. I would hate to have this button, one of the most important buttons… not functional. Yes, you will need the button if you have an iPhone. If you have an iPod Touch, you don't.

ThomasLang41468 пишет: I really needed my iPhone unlocked so I decided to take a deeper look into all this on my own.\r
Here's what I learned. Want to unlock any iPhone then just use softunlock. com\r
For those of you wanting to jailbreak go with softjailbreak. com You're going to love the fact that the work and don't cost a single penny.

texaholdem1 пишет: when I did it my i pod touch always goes blank even if i did everything right whats gonnin on?

Tony Munson пишет: mine sais i dont have a carrier anymore

Umer Tawheed пишет: thnx worked perfectly fine…

Max Kobylyuk пишет: nope no work

camilled03 пишет: Since this video is old, will the jailbreak using blackrain still work on an iphone 3g with 3.1.2 version? I see that everyone has had problems with it.

stealthmarine83 пишет: wel fuck im using iphone 3gs and its a tethered jailbreak, rebooted phone to use winterboard and bam it reset, thnx for nothing

123sheva пишет: i did this to my iphone 3g 8gb on 3.1.2 but it didnt unlock it just says searching the carrier wont come up so what should i do i did the airplane mode stuff turned on and off still just says searching :(help??

ferobuco пишет: @chris1dimi welcome in my world… i did the same stupid thing last week and i'm stucked now… all's f…ed up !

goghetta1012 пишет: When I tried to restore.. It wanted to delete all my contacts and music. What do I do?

Yegua90 пишет: Ugh thank you!! However I have the ipod touch 2g and I still had to do that control-alt-delete thing and close all the itunes or apple processes….BTW people that one thing under processes called "iTunes Helper" must be ended!! That was what was holding me back from jailbreaking for hours!!

swn112 пишет: what case do you have i like it

Tony Loidi пишет: Downgrade !

imat10rox пишет: dude im trying to jail brk my iphone 3g 3.1.2 by win vista..blackra1n…i have done dis about 4 times ..its says the jailbrking is complete..nd i can see the blackra1n wallppr on my iphone bt there is no reboot or icon in my iphone…do i need wifi on during dis process..??..or is dere any oder problem

camilled03 пишет: Since this video is old, will the jailbreak using blackrain still work on an iphone 3g with 3.1.2 version? I see that everyone has had problems with it.

fmart93 пишет: wats the diff between cydia, rock, and icy???

kadyho пишет: What is jailbreak for?

Michael Di Ruocco пишет: can u shift click restore with itunes 9.3.0

brianvidguy пишет: It lets you change the design, add more apps that you can't find in the app store, things that apple wont let you do without jailbreak.
One problem with your theory. If you were to buy an iPhone without contract, it would cost you around $500. It won't cost the same as an iPod Touch unless you are on AT&T and eligible for a handset upgrade, or are planning on signing a new contract with AT&T.

FriendFoLife пишет: i got 2nd gen and like i did evrything i jail broke it and i turned it off actually it died then i turned it back on it showed that itune icon with the usb thingy is there anyway to stop that

Kev H пишет: thanks loool what is that background called?!?

ragonpheonix пишет: nice video and thnx. very straight forward and easy to follow. saved me $20 to jailbreak my iPhone ^_^

A Magical Wizard пишет: yea, i renamed the winrar file to end in .ipsw and itunes still won't recognize it.\r
also, nice wallpaper.

sk8indragon пишет: I know how to fix the asl.dll error message me if you need the help. or just ask this guy lol

coolmike362 пишет: Dude you are awsome for posting this!\r

Just another guy пишет: do u have to do that everytime u plug it in?

Liumparas пишет: blackrain doesn't work . help i have 1g ipod

JuicyNukee пишет: doesnt work it says a dsl is missing when i open it help please

silvertone212 пишет: dude u'r brain, any idea on how to jailbreak ios4

edc1988 пишет: Got an ASL.dll error. Did not work

MultiCAthz пишет: i cant download blackra1N :(( HOW??

Hana Yuri пишет: My phone is, iphone 3Gs and ald upgrade to 3.1.3 but hvn't jailbroken yet. If i want to jailbreak, what should i do? Thanks!

egasm1 пишет: Hey all thanks for the info my screen seems to be stuck on the screen where the itunes & cord screen can someone please help me?

Mark Aguilar пишет: Jailbreakbj(dot)com/?v=81186

AlwaysTheCherishShow пишет: @chimera0331 please helpp me

RuneAegis пишет: Apple doesn't vertify restoring to 3.1.2 Firmware Anymore so you have to use Saurik's Site to [Fake Confirm]

FreeYourMindAndSoulFE пишет: hey dude this thing doesnt work for me MC version :( ipod touch 8 gb

ozgurtanis1 пишет: if you you are on 3.1.3 not possible for now, you need 3.1.2 firmware to do that,,,,,,,

iamtonyx пишет: what if my iphone is unlock if i restore would that be okay? i have it for the tmobile

BallerXcp пишет: thanks man! your the best!!!definetly tellin all my friends to check out your vids…..btw installous is gunna work for this firmware riight? cuz when i was on 3.0 jailbreak it never worked…

HolyFries пишет: Can i unlock my iPhone after this jailbreak using ultrasn0w?

ferobuco пишет: @chris1dimi jailbreak works but unlock does unfortunetely not… or do you have another experience?